Cancer Navigation Services

Allison LeBlanc, R.N., BSN, BC

Allison is a patient navigator for Infirmary Cancer Care. Allison works with patients with all types of cancer in Baldwin County. Although she has only worked with oncology patients exclusively for the past year, Allison has cared for cancer patients in medical-surgical and intensive care units across the country during her 20 year tenure as a nurse. She has experience in a variety of clinical settings, including med-surg, cardiac step-down, intensive care, cardiovascular surgery, pediatrics and pediatric intensive care.

In her role, she works with cancer patients and their physicians to smooth transitions between phases of care. Prior to becoming a patient navigator, Allison was a clinical nurse manager at Mobile Infirmary. She became involved in the fight against cancer after caring for her mom during her two bouts with breast cancer. Allison is passionate about community outreach and education. She has been a dedicated volunteer with the American Cancer Society for more than 10 years. As a patient navigator she hopes to increase community awareness about the early detection and treatment of cancer.

Allison attended the University of Southern Mississippi where she earned a bachelor of science in nursing. She has attained national certifications in medical-surgical and pediatric nursing. In 2016, Allison joined Infirmary Cancer Care as the first patient navigator for Baldwin County. She is diligently working with the team at Thomas Hospital to meet standards necessary to obtain hospital accreditation with the Commission on Cancer.

251-435-2273, Office
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John D. French, III,

John is a patient navigator for Infirmary Cancer Care. In his role, John collaborates with social workers, nutritionists, case managers, physicians, nurses, technicians and hospital staff to ensure the best quality of life for his patients and their family.

Prior to joining the Infirmary Cancer Care team, John worked in the cancer center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. John is passionate about patient care and encourages them to be involved in their treatment plan. His goal as a navigator is to be a strong patient advocate and educate his patients on treatment options and what to expect while undergoing treatments and screenings.

John facilitates the head and neck cancer support group at Infirmary Cancer Care. Infirmary Cancer Care is one of two healthcare systems in the state of Alabama to partner with Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancers (SPOHNC) for information and education that supports patients with these types of cancers.

John attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he earned a bachelor degree in sociology and a minor in community health. He has also earned a national certification as an oncology-trained lay patient navigator from George Washington University Cancer Center. In 2016, he joined Infirmary Health as the first lay cancer navigator.

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251-786-7336, Cell

Valenda Lankford, LGSW

Valenda Lankford is a financial navigator for Infirmary Cancer Care who provides financial counseling and connections to assistance programs for oncology patients. In her role, she helps patients by locating community resources, navigating insurance programs and coordinates pharmaceutical assistance programs related to oncology patients.

For more than 10 years, Valenda has worked in a healthcare setting. Prior to becoming a financial patient navigator, Valenda worked in case management as a social worker and has extensive experience in oncology, rehabilitation, hospice care, palliative care and neurology.

Valenda is passionate about empowering, collaborating and educating patients. Her goal as a financial navigator is to help alleviate financial anxiety that is often experienced by oncology patients during treatment.

Valenda earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Mobile in business administration and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Southern Mississippi.

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